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The water is essential for our organism in any stage of the life. Our body, needs water to survive and to work correctly, no other nutrient is so important and necessary. 60% of our body is composed of water, for what is essential to contribute the necessary water to our body.

That´s why it is recommended to consume between 1,5 to 2 liters of water, or what is the same, to drink between 6 and 8 glasses every day, although the needs can to change depending on the age, sex, diet and types of physical activity.

How can we drink more water a day?

Not only it is necessary to drink water to be hydrated, also liquids take in the meal and in the drinks. It is not necessary to wait to be thirsty, but, that it is necessary to drink with more regularity.

To be dehydrated can bear to be provoking badly headache and to feel tired.

I recommend to you always to take with you a water bottle in which you can include fruits pieces to give him flavor if you belong to those that water finds it hard to you to drink. Also, you can drink tea or infusions. Also, it is good to take a water glass when you get up and before every meal, and you will satiate your selves earlier in the meals. The fresh and natural drink are preferred blend the stiff, gaseous drinks must be avoided, with colourings, sugar, etc.

Benefits of drinking water:

  • Hydration. If we are dehydrated we do not have enough energy to confront the day. Also, if we go in for sports every day, it is very important to keep us hydrated earlier, during and after the sport.
  • To improve the digestion, absorption and nutrients distribution. Our digestive system needs water to realize the digestion of suitable form, so we must bring him what he needs, also to avoid problems of constipation.
  • To help to clean the organism and to eliminate the toxins. It helps to purify the organism and to dilute the present substances in the urine.
  • To help to that the liver, the kidneys, the digestive and immune system fulfill its functions.
  • To help to eliminate the liquids retention and for that, we feel satiated, therefore it influences at the time of losing weight.
  • To help to improve the aspect of the skin, because it keeps her smooth.



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