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Hello to all and to all, already it is a Monday we liked or not. Because every Monday the whole woeld does not like? perhaps because these mean to return to the routine. This day transmits opposing feelings to me, sometimes i feel that on Monday it is like renewal so that it is a productive week, nevertheless, other times i do not feel like returning to the daily routine, i would like being able to rest the whole day as if it was a Sunday.

I am considered to be a person the one that likes to plan it everything and i cannot realice my tasks if earlier i do not have a list of what i have to do during the day or during the entire week. Ido not know if it happens to you, but yes, and the fact is that if i do not note down the things i end up by forgetting them.

That’s why today i bring to you a few tips to be more productive and to obtain better results.

First of all, to plan the week and the month is an organized and effective way to be able to realice all the tasks without forgetting not the most minimal detail, and this way helping us to obtain our both short-term and long-term targets.

The only thing that you must do is to plan the tasks being objective and realistic. An error that we usually commit, included i, is of putting many tasks in the same day, the most probable thing that happens to you the fact is that you have no time to finish all of them. Other one important aspect is to do them of form organized without beginning one up to not having finished the previous one because if we try to do several at the same time at the end of the day we have not finished any (sometimes it still haappens to me). Another very effective way is to realice a list of tasks establishing priorities, that is tos ay, to place above the most important and below the least important.

This type of planners is very visual way of being able to see all the things that i have to do and they are placed strategically in the days that i can realice them. I use this method for time because it has helped me very much to be able to combine the work with the university, and that’s why i designed these planners. That can serve to you so much how to me.

These are some of the rips that have helped me very much. I am not completely organized, not completely productive, but i it try to be most of the time, although sometimes the things do not salt like one he wants, since the contingencies often prevent you from being able to finish the tasks that you had to do thought-out and you have to postpone them to another day.

Nevertheless, the important thing is to bear them in mind and to realice them, not to keep on postponing them day by day them up to not going so far as to do.

I hope yhat they should serve to them as very much these planners.

To have acces to the planners. Unload them in this link minimalist or this link of colors.

I hope that you should have like. We turno ut to be prompt.



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