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Hello to all and to all, today we will talk about how stretching is beneficial for our body when it comes to physical exercise.

First, we must say that all stretches are very important when we exercise, because they help our muscles to act in a relaxed manner and minimize the risk of injury. Many times we do not realize the importance they have and little is the people who do them before doing physical activity.

All of us have played football, tennis, paddle tennis, have run, swim, make mountain routes, or ride a bike without stretching, so we have not prepared our body for the effort we were making. to do later. This situation is harmful to our health because if we do not stretch we can injure ourselves, because when we do it we reduce the chances of damaging the muscles or joints.

In order to properly perform all the stretches, we must place ourselves in a relaxed, comfortable, unhurried posture … In addition our initial position in each stretch should be with the feet to the width of the hips and shoulders and with the knees slightly semi-flexed.

It is advisable to start from top to bottom, a possible example is the one that appears below:

  • Deltoids: we place one arm horizontally and with the help of the other arm we place it parallel to our body while we hold it for about 10-15 seconds. We will repeat the same process with the other arm.


  • Triceps: we take our arm to the vertical, that is, we place it next to our head, we bend the elbow with the forearm behind the head and with the other hand we hold the elbow flexed for about 10-15 seconds and perform the same movement with the other arm.


  • Biceps: we stretch the arm and place it supine position (face up) while we take it to the horizontal and with the other arm we take the hand we will maintain the posture between 10-15 seconds before changing to the other arm.


  • Intercostal: stretch the arms by joining the hands to the vertical to place them above the head and we will be like this 10-15 seconds later, without lowering the arms, move laterally to be able to stretch both sides.


  • Quadriceps: if necessary we can lean on a companion, on the wall, on a chair or a tree so as not to become unbalanced and we will stretch flexing one leg while with the hand we take the foot keeping the heel to the gluteus. We must be in a fully vertical position and maintain the posture 10-15 seconds before switching to the other leg.


  • Twins: in this stretch we will perform an isometric exercise. We will need the help of a wall to advance one of the feet and rest the point on it while keeping the heel on the ground. In this position we will be 10-15 and we will change the foot.


  • Isquiotibial: we will bend the trunk forward trying to get the hands to touch the tips of the feet without bending the back or bend the knees. As in the rest of the stretches, we will maintain the position 10-15 seconds.

Once the above is put into practice, we are ready to begin our training!

We hope you liked it and thanks for reading!



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