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Hello to all. Today I bring to you some advices on the importance of sleeping more and better. Do you feeltired? It is possible that you feel identified with some of the most common errors that are mentioned next.

  • To use the bed only to sleep. We have the habit of watching TV, or studying, or being employed with the computer…at the bed, and that does that our brain does not associate the bed the rest.When we do not sleep the sufficient hours, although we do not realize, it affects the yield of ours every day. One of the causes is a worse mental yield, affecting the attention, the cocentration and the memory.
  • To avoid the very abundant meals before going to sleep. This provokes that to your body it is difficult to him to digest more the food. As what we will have more difficult of conciliating the sleep and of sleeping well.Non-sleeping the sufficient hours also provokes an increase of the appetite, especially of high food in sugar and fat. And this can lead us to practicing less physical exercise and have a more sedentary life, since the absence of sleep produces fatigue.
  • You rule us to go to sleep. It is advisable that half an hour, Before going to sleep, we stop using any type of electronic device, since the luminosity of the screens is related to insomnia. We can replace these activities with others as for example to read a book. Also is advisable to go to bed and get up more or less at the same hour for consolidated the sleep, which is considered to be a very important part of the passive recovery. Also, this might cause not only that you produce less and worse but you are more inclined to get injured.

Finally, also we can take some warm drink, like a glass of milk or infusion, which helps us to relax us and sleep well.



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