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With the arrival of good weather, you want to play sports outdoors but sun protection is essential. However, not just any cream is suitable for this.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be running around and sweat drops causing sunscreen to get in your eyes? It better not have happened to you, because, believe me, it stings a lot.

If you are fond of practicing outdoor sports you will know that especially, in summer you have to be more careful than in other seasons of the year for various reasons, whatever the sport you choose, be it running, cycling, swimming…

Sun protection for athletes should also be extreme because the skin is especially exposed to the sun’s rays and it is easier to get sunburned without realizing it. For this reason I would like to recommend some specific products and give you some skincare tips for before, during and after the sports activity.

Many of us use it as the last step before we leave home. We usually equip ourselves with our shoes, t-shirts…and other complements leaving the application of sun protection for the end. This is the first mistake we make, and that is that we must leave at least half an hour of difference between the application of our protection and exposure to the sun, since chemical filters require that time to be effective, otherwise, we will be exposed those minutes without any barrier to lightning. We must also do this in a homogeneous and abundant way. Studies have shown that we apply half the relevant amount.

We should not forget that if our sporting activity lasts more than two hours, we will have to reapply the product. And even more so if it is sports in which we are in the water or we sweat, since both aspects influence the loss of the protective product.

Garnier’s range of Deliar UV Sports sunscreens has been tested by reals sportsmen and women under extreme conditions of humidity and heat and meets all the requirements we have mentioned. Resists water for over an hour and sweat for at least 2 hours, does not itch or sting in the eyes and has a dry texture that does not leave oily traces thanks to its composition with nylon, silica and perlite powder.

The light-protective mist with a “bare skin feel” finish, with very high sun protection SPF 50, a protective spray that is easy to apply and has a fresh finish, SPF 30 protection and a face milk with mattifying powders that absorb soil and promotes perspiration. They are found in supermarkets, department stores and perfumeries and their prices range from 4,90€ for milk to 13,3€ for mist and spray.

Resultado de imagen de proteccion solar para deportistas

Isdin’s Fusion Gel 50+ photoprotector is also a product designed for athletes because it leaves a dry feeling and blends easily with the skin, even in areas where there is body hair, which makes it very comfortable for children who generally do not like to be rubbed with creams. You’ll find it in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Resultado de imagen de proteccion solar para deportistas

Sticks for sensitive areas. With a protection factor ranging from 30 to 50 depending on the brand, the sticks become an ideal format to reach any area such as ears, eye contour, nose, neck, even scars. They’re invisible and not greasy. In addition to being very water resistant.

Resultado de imagen de proteccion solar para deportistas

I hope you found this guide useful to protect your skin from the sun correctly while you play sports and if you liked it, I would love to share it with your friends on social networks.



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