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Hello, since you can see in this part of the blog we will speak on some advices as for the sport and physical activity. Fist of all we would like speaking about the correct career skill on foot. All in some moment of our life we have gone out op run but; is our career skill correct?

The question we have I decide to solveit in our first publication in focuses on the sport. It is always necessary to try to be the most efficient and effective thing when we realize sport and for it we try that our advices serve to you as help.
So that our career skill should be the correct one it is necessary to know the most common errors and like to solving them:

– Career in leaps and bounds: the center of gravity does not move horizontally (big vertical oscillations) due to an excessive impulse of the backward leg.

o To correct this error simply we must take conscience of the same one and to complement the progress raising              slopes of a light inclination.

– Too many braking at the moment of the support and an incorrect form: this error exists when the support of the foot is not realized below the center of gravity.

o The correction would be to realize series of progressive with a certain inclination. Ascending and of course to               emphasize the same one.

– Excessive side movements of the trunk: this bears to increase the caloric expense and to the reduction of the stride. The above mentioned error drags others like taking the very crossed arms and unbalance with the stride frequency.

o The correction of the same one is to try to take the arms parallel to the body and that go very next to the hip                 (to take conscience of taking the wide spread thumb and up).

– Excessive inclination of the thunk back and ahead: the muscles flexores of the trunk are small developed (iliocostal backlumar, leng thof the back, thorny back, semithorny).

o The correction would be the streng the ning of this musculature and elasticity work in the antagonists like                      that will exist one to improve more significant.

– Incorrect footprint: bad position of the foot on having been in contact with the floor.

o The correction would be to achieve that our footprint is always uniform. Forit, it is necessary to have in                         contact the whole plan of the foot with the floor, having the always horizontal same one with regard to the                     apartment. Said which, the sportsmen that there are specializing in the differents branches of the athletics,                   sprinters, marathon runners, innkeepers or triathletes, will have different ways of the realizing the footprint,               since every form has other needs.

These are some of the most common errors, we hope that this information to be able to correct them and that you could be improving little by Little and could enjoy more of your sports practice.
A greeting for all and thank you very much.



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