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Hello everybody, in this publication focused on sports we will talk about sedentary lifestyle, obesity and the importance of sports, as the title says.

At first, we define the sedentary lifestyle as the absence of physical activity practice.

Currently, the physical activity of many people is scarce or null, in addition, some of them increase the consumption of food at the same time. This situation leads to an energy balance that has as a consequence obesity and increases the probability of the appearance of degenerative diseases and some types of cancer.

The pathologies associated with a sedentary lifestyle are the following:

  • Cardiovascular diseases: arteriocoronary disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular accident, heart failure.
  • Type II diabetes: caused by obesity and / or lack of physical activity.
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Lung, intestinal, uterine cancer (in women) and prostate cancer (in men)


Another aspect to point out is that our lifestyle is becoming more sedentary and that is why overweight in our population has increased. This is an alarming signal, since it is a phenomenon that we find both in children and in adults.

When we talk about children, it is difficult for them to understand the importance of exercise for their health and that it is better to play with a ball, run, jump, skip rope… since the type of entertainment of our society has changed and now is related to new technologies (consoles, video games, tablets, smartphones, etc.) that favour this sedentary lifestyle that we have been talking about. In many occasions we must take care of that the children enjoy activities that imply a greater movement and that their free time is not reduced to activities in which they are only sitting in front of a screen.

Unfortunately, we must also talk about the presence of this phenomenon with adults, considering that many adults don’t practice sports in their free time. We must recognize that we arrived home tired when we leave our jobs and this does not help to practice sports. Another problem we must mention is malnutrition, it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and / or type II diabetes, so it is important that we inform ourselves well about what we eat.

Our purpose is to encourage that part of the population that has a more sedentary lifestyle to not stay at home. We have to move, walk, go for a run, make bicycle routes … There are many studies that support the above mentioned, they say that the simple fact of being in constant movement (walking, going for a run, swimming …) improve our cardiovascular level and our physical shape little by little.

Being honest, everyone is tired sometimes when we get home, and we want to rest or watch TV, mobile, computer or other devices, but we must look for what is the best for our health and that will probably be to do something of physical activity.

In conclusion, a predominantly sedentary lifestyle favours the appearance of obesity that can have fatal consequences if we did not fight with an improvement in our diet and increase the physical activity.

I hope we have helped you and motivated you to lead a more active lifestyle.

We can!



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