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Running is usually an individual sport. That’s why a lot of us like to go for a run listening to music. Whether you’re one of those who listen to music while running, training or competing, or one of those who prefers not to listen to music, today we’re going to see the pros and cons!


  • It avoids that we get bored, since if we make the same route, we can get bored. That’s why a good option is to try to change the tour or the music we listen to be more entertaining.
  • More motivation. Music encourages us to move and go faster, even.
  • Comfort. Nowadays there are many devices to listen to music and very comfortable to use.
  • Mood. Music has a powerful stimulating effect that makes the sensation of exertion when performing the task less intense.
  • Constant rhythm. When we listen to songs with a cheerful rhythm that we like, it can unconsciously cause us to maintain a stride rhythm thanks to the beat of the music. Since the human body has an innate predisposition to synchronize its movements with music.


  • Distraction. When we listen to music, we like to make it loud or simply to keep an eye on it. That’s why you can distract us from paying attention to traffic signs and traffic itself.
  • Running too fast. Listening to songs that are very lively can encourage us to go at a faster pace than usual. Although listening to music can make you forget about tiredness, it can also cause you not to appreciate the level of effort and thus damage the training.
  • Hum. Although it may seem that we don’t, when we like a song very much, we can’t help humming the lyrics. And this will lead to higher energy consumption and more tiredness without realizing it.




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