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Hello everyone, today we’d like to talk to you about how to get back to training after a rest period.

Sometimes for various reasons we can find ourselves in a period of time in which we stop training either because of work, lack of time, scheduled trips, because we have become ill or because we are recovering from an injury… But we must understand that little we can make or physical condition equal or better than before.

After these periods when we stop doing physical activity, we must bear in mind that when we return to training we must do it progressively so that our body becomes accustomed to it and can achieve maximum performance.

Another aspect to consider is that oxygen consumption levels (the maximum amount of oxygen the body can absorb) decrease during these times when we don’t train as regularly as we used to. However, when you start to do physical activity again, it will become regular again. The same is true of the lactic acid threshold, which, although our training history shows that it will decrease more or less, it will be when we begin to train regularly when it increases.

Our body is very intelligent and does not easily forget the work we have done before, but if a very long period of time passes, our levels of aerobic endurance can decrease greatly and even reach their initial state.

To do this, we are going to mention a few simple steps that can help us get back in shape.

  • Concise objectives. After stopping training regularly, the best way to start over is to set simple goals that are easy to overcome and motivate us to achieve new ones.
  • Start progressively. It is not advisable to start training with sudden training because we can get injured. The ideal is to start in a soft way and with a medium-low intensity to recover our physical form and increase the intensity.
  • Adequacy of time. Starting again with physical activity does not consist of training for 2 hours during the first few days and not training again. It is about paying attention t your body, since it is the person who will tell you if you feel very intense pain or discomfort. It is normal to start with 25-30 minutes and work up the time day by day.
  • We all know that when we rest as much as we need, we perform better in our daily lives, and this also happens in sport. At first, we can afford to train more days a week, as the initial effort will not be very aggressive. However, it must be borne in mind that our body must be rested in order to perform well, otherwise the result we will obtain is accumulated fatigue. During the break, we must also mention that sleep is very important and we must sleep between 6 and 9 hours to get up with the maximum energy deposits.

In conclusion and as it is reflected throughout the publication, with a little effort and regular tra9ining we can return to the previous optimal state or even surpass it, we just have to put our mind at rest and train hard!



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