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Hello everyone, today we would like to give you some tips for the 10-kilometer races. This publication is related to the 10-kilometer race in Ibi (Alicante) in memory of José Manuel Zambrana, in which we will participate on June 16th. If anyone can and you want to participate, do not hesitate to contact us.

Some tips for a 10k that can be useful is to make a training plan to get to our highest level when the event arrives. First of all, we must set our final goal and from there, we set ourselves short-term objectives in such a way that they are easy to reach in order to motivate us little by little and, also, to be able to see the results of our work.

Depending on the level we have our goal will be different. Less experienced people could consider objectives such as overcoming the race or doing it in a certain time, however, professional athletes will surely set themselves the goal of winning the race. However, we must all be prepared through training sessions to improve our physical condition, the level of resistance, improve our tolerance to fatigue and lactic acid (acidosis that prevents us from continuing with sports practice).

It is advisable to try to find the time in our busy schedules to be able to train 2 to 3 times a week starting with progressive trainings and with a continuity that will help to have a greater evolution. Depending on our physical shape, we could dedicate the first sessions to try to achieve 5 kilometers, and in the other sessions we increase the distance and intensity to arrive at a simulation of the race, it would even be better to do a couple of sessions of strength to strengthen our body.

Another important aspect is to be motivated throughout the preparation process, as we must think about the final goal. Motivation is crucial in sport, and more in a cyclical sport such as running. There are two types of motivations: the intrinsic one that is of vital importance because it is the internal motivation of oneself that pushes us to improve and evolve and, the extrinsic that is all the motivation that comes from the outside as it can be the one that provides us the music, the company, etc. In many occasions the question is to use both.

Once we are ready for the competition we must relax in the days before the 10k and eat in a healthy way, feeding before the competition is very important and if necessary we must talk to a specialist to resolve our doubts. Hydration is another aspect to consider both before, during and after. It should be well hydrated before the test and also during it is advisable to drink some liquid so that we do not reach dehydration during the race and after this it will be vital to get our mineral levels stabilized. Once the organism overcomes the stress produced by the event we must nourish ourselves and hydrate so as not to suffer any deficit and thus help our body to recover.

As for the race, our race pace should be progressive, that is, from less to more, because if it is the contrary, we will weaken and may be the case that we are forced to abandon it before finishing. It is a common mistake to start long distance races at a high pace, this is due to excessive motivation and the desire to start the test, something that is understandable but we must contain ourselves to start at an appropriate pace.

These are some tips that we can follow when preparing this type of races always in order to enjoy it. We must also be aware that we have to train a lot to achieve our maximum level. So, do not forget to train to be on top!



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