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With this publication we would like to share with you the importance of carrying out a specific warm-up according to the type of training and, more specifically, we will talk about warming up before going out to run.

We must mention that warming is the part of training that will help us prevent injuries and increase the mobility of blood through the tissues, therefore it will help us to raise body temperature. In addition, it will encourage our muscles to activate and, also, improve the connections between nerves and muscles. However, specific warming is defined as the way to prepare the body for a specific physical activity, since the need for preparation of different parts of our body varies according to each activity.

Here we present a possible specific warming that we can do before going out to run:

– Hip flexion and extension: with the help of a wall, companion or tree we will support the whole foot and the other will keep it suspended so we can extend the leg forward and backward. The exercise will be done in 10 seconds and will be executed with the other leg.

– Flexion and extension of ankles: we will help ourselves with a point of support so as not to lose balance and we will place one foot on it while the other will keep it suspended, we will move it upwards, downwards, executing the action 10 times and then with the another foot.

– Jumps with legs stretched and jumps with the knees raised: we will perform 4 jumps with the legs completely straight with respect to the horizontal and other 4 jumps with the knees bent.

– Wide stride: in this exercise we will perform the most extensive strides, that is to say, wider than normal on purpose to heat the ischiotibial muscle, we will perform this exercise at a distance of 5 meters.

– Skipping: consists of knee lifts with great intensity and speed without getting to move in space. We will do this exercise only 5 seconds.

The specific heating is already done, so there are no excuses! Now it’s time to go out and do our best race.



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