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Generally, we use very often sports clothes and often we do not know that they need of a specific care due to its technical properties. Do you want to lengthen the life of your clothes sports? He keeps on reading and i tell you how to do it in a few simple steps.

  • Stock exchange of export. It tries not to leave the clothes sweated in the bag of sport, nor to wrinkle it and to throw it in the laundry basket during a time. To make the sweated clothes kept round there can turn into a bed to raise bacteria (and enclosed mold) if you have left it many days. The bacteria develop and this is one of the main causes of that your clothes smell bad. If you cannot wash it immediately rinse it with water after using it.
  • To dip or not to dip. To dip in a solution of vinegar and water can help to kill the bacteria and the smell of perspiration in all kinds of clothes. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be careful when the clothes are dipped, especially if this one is of colors. For this motive, it is better not to leave your clothes in water any more than 30 minutes to prevent the clothes from suffering some type of damage. Once you have dipped the clothes it realizes a normal wash.
  • To wash in the washer. We must check the tags to know the specific wash information her before beginning washing. There it is where the specifications appear for the maintenance of very pledge. The ideal thing would be to wash the pledges to hand and in cold water with detergent, rubbing the most affected parts and allowing it to rest during a few minutes. The hot water might look like to you the best option to kill the bacteria; nevertheless, it can be harmful for the fibers of the clothes.
  • Detergent and conditioning. There are special products to wash the sports clothes, but they are not necessary, you can use a liquid current detergent. Use detergents neither in dust nor lye.

Do not use clothes conditioner in your sports clothes. For nothing. The conditioners even can maintain the smell in the cloths. The use if this one does that residues stay in the clothes, eliminating the properties of the textiles and damaging the internal structure of the pledges. Do yourself to go for the aroma of this type of products.

  • Drying. The fresh air and the sunny climate is by the best friends of the sports clothes. The solar light makes the reproduction of the bacteria difficult, this way the fact is that your clothes should not have any strange smell, it hangs the whole clothes of there verse of this form you prevent the colors from fading. The good this type of pledges is that they do not need the majority that they are ironed, we do not need to iron them.

The main advice to wash the sport clothes

  • To put the sports clothes the other way round before putting it in the washer.
  • To wash the clothes sweated as soon as possible to prevent the smell from remaining caught in the fibers.
  • Te sports bra to wash it to hand oruges a bag to wash linen.
  • Not to wash the sports clothes with clothes that there have closings, adjustments of velcro or any other clothes that could damage it.
  • Not to use the dryer and to iron the clothes either, is not good for this type of clothes and, enclosed, you can burn it.





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